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This Curriculum and Advanced Placement World History

In June 2002, more than 21,000 students took the first Advanced Placement World History examination, the largest testing population for any first-time AP exam in the history of the College Board. Since then, AP World History has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2019 more than 300,000 students took the exam. The team of K-12 teachers and university instructors who contributed to the development of World History for Us All has included educators who also helped build the AP program and teach it today.

World History for Us All has been designed primarily for mainstream world history classrooms. Its unit organization and sequencing of time periods are different from those of the AP course, especially since fall 2019, when the course was retitled "World History Modern" and adopted a chronological scope from 1200 CE to the present. Its philosophy, however, is entirely compatible with the AP program's commitment to globe-encircling history. Because World History for Us All is an electronic resource and therefore highly flexible, AP teachers may profitably mine it to enrich their own knowledge of the global past and to develop classroom ideas and activities.

For information on AP World History go to College Board AP Central: