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History and social studies teachers across the country have been exploring and using World History for Us All. Here is what some of them have been telling us.

I have taught A.P. world history for the past two years. Entering my third year, I was still feeling lost and overwhelmed by cramming all of World History into one school year and have it make sense for ninth graders. Just last weekend, I happened to stumble across your site. Ö And almost cried with relief.

I have not experienced this much support from one place as I have with this site. Thank you so much for your clearly written, easily understood materials. The video of the history of the world in seven minutes was phenomenal, and I am currently using the lesson plans under Big Era Three.

My students love the Power Points, video, and charts. I love being able to provide quality materials and information. Parents enjoy having the calendar of lesson plans easily accessible. I will be using this site all year to support some other materials that I currently use. Itís an awesome tool and obviously put together by intelligent people that not only care about the subject matter, but provide practical lesson plans for the classroom.


Laura O.
Miami, Florida

Your web site, World History For Us All, is tremendous. Currently, I am teaching U.S. History on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. I will be teaching World History next year at a High School in Illinois. I am eager to incorporate a lot of your material and lessons into my classroom.  
Robert G.

I found the WHFUA website . . .  and I was astounded by how user friendly and informational it was. . . . What an invaluable website you offer! I am amazed, impressed, thrilled, and pleased to find such a comprehensive site dedicated to teaching World History!
Jon K.
Seattle, Washington

I am a ninth grade social studies teacher in upstate NY. I admire the collective efforts to put together such substantive materials for teacher use. Hats off to all of you. Your project provides an excellent model for revamping biased perspectives on global history.   
Kerry F.
Niskayuna, New York

I have wrestled and experimented throughout my world history career trying to do what you and your colleagues are doing. . . . I have now taught in my present school for two years and think my two other colleagues are finally open to a truly world approach. So I have volunteered to research your project. I would be eager to use whatever you could make available.
Anne H.
Osprey, Florida 

I am an Australian based home-school tutor of a gifted, learning-disabled 9-year-old boy, who has a love of history and geography. Your site was like a dream true!  I have been surfing the net for a long time trying to find something similar to this. There have always been sites with "bits and pieces" of history, or links to this and that, but I have been unable to get a site which details world history so well.  Congratulations.
Jackie B.
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

I love your website and I love the teaching units and ideas that have been developed for it.
Casey P.
Dallas, Texas

What a fantastic project!  I came across World History for Us All, and it has changed the way I have taught AP World History.
Trang T.
Elk Grove, California

I’m looking forward to using your web site. I love the way you have broken it down from big to small.
Mark H.
Nipono, California

We home school. I just took a look at your World History For Us All web site, after having taken a break from academics with my two sons, and wanted to say it's looking great!  I'm getting prepared for the fall when we get a little more focused on academics and your site has helped energize me, what with all the new material.
Mary Landale
Medford, Massachusetts

We are excited about the work you have been doing on the World History for Us All site. We will eagerly await its completion.
Marilyn H.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I am in LOVE with the website. I have taught for over a dozen years but am moving back to world history next year after a 9-year tour in US history. I am excited to integrate the content and concepts from this website.
Jackie H.
Camas, Washington

I’ve just found your site and I’m really eager to implement your lesson ideas in our IB [International Baccalaureate] history program.
Morgan C.
Seattle, Washington